PO Box 1534
Yakima, WA 98907

Dear Friends and Family,
In the beginning of November I will be traveling with my friend, pastor, mentor, “The Rev” Landon Schott to Itarsi, India in partnership with Central India Outreach. The purpose of this crusade is to gather youth leaders from all over India and plant 800 youth churches throughout the country. We will be partnering with Dr. Matthew Thomas in this amazing venture to build the Kingdom of God for future generations. Jenn and I have fronted the costs associated with the trip pertaining to my travel, around $2500, we are asking you to partner with us by helping us with some of the burden this puts on us. I’m asking all my friends, family and supporters to pray and ask the Lord if this would be something in your heart to support. Maybe you can give a little, maybe you can cover the whole amount but whatever you can do, may it be to the Glory of God! Oh, and your prayers would be appreciated too!
Checks can be made out to myself and mailed to the above PO Box.
Sincerely yours,

Robb Paul

P.S. Expect over a thousand pics!


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One Response to INDIA TRIP!

  1. garymodine says:

    excited for you bro!

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