There’s a line in the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps that deeply resonated with me when I heard it. The main character, Jake Moore asks Bretton James, his enemy, “What’s your number? How much do you have to make to walk away from the game and never look back?” Bretton James simply answers back, “More.”

Now don’t crucify me for taking this slightly out of context, they are obviously talking about money and even though I tend to agree with Bretton’s answer in that context, I agree 100% with it in a spiritual and general life context.

As a Christian I look back at my spiritual life and think about how many times I stopped short because I decided it was ‘enough.’ After thinking, reading, praying about the word ‘more,’ I now hate the word ‘enough.’ It’s an excuse, period. “I did enough.” Really!?! Did you?? Or is that just an excuse because you’re tired or apathetic or lazy?

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘enough’ worship lets get to the sermon or ‘enough’ sermon, I have to get home for the second half of the Seahawks game? Or been at a conference and even though God was moving you said ‘enough’ because you wanted to get to bed? I love the Seahawks, I love sleep but instead of ‘enough’ you should have said ‘MORE.’

I even hate the word enough when it come to sin. When you say ‘enough’ to sin all you do is prolong what eventually is going to happen again. Instead you should say ‘more.’ More to God, more to prayer, more to devotions, more to the Bible, more to your family, more to serving. MORE to Jesus. When we need to remove sin from our lives we have to push it out by filling our lives with new, life giving things that come only come from a deeper relationship with Jesus.

On a non-Christian level, how many times do we say enough when we have so much more in us? How many times do we say enough to relationships because we are selfish and want to pour more of ourselves into the other person? How many times do we say enough to our kids because ‘the play-offs’ are on? (I did this last night, I tend to always convict myself while typing/writing) How many times do we say enough to our spouse because we need some ‘me time’ or ‘guy time’?

There’s nothing wrong with watching the play-offs or having me time or guy time as long as our relationships are built on ‘more.’ I work all day, a lot of times 6-7 days a week, I get home tired but I want to give my wife and my son more. More time, more of me, more of daddy.

Where in your life do you need to remove the word ‘enough’ and substitute ‘more?’


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