Days, they force you back under those covers, Lazy mornings they multiply. Glory’s waiting right outside your window, wake on up from your Slumber! Open up your eyes!

All these victims stand in line for crumbs that fall from the table, all the while Your invitation! Wake on up from this Slumber! Baby, open up your eyes!

I don’t think a more pure lyric has ever been written. It’s so simple, yet so hard to overcome. This lyric is pure truth. The song is Slumber by Needtobreath.

This is what music does to us. It resonates, it changes, it goes from your heart to your head and then back again.

This particular song is about laziness and getting up and doing something with your life! It’s also about how people just go about their average lives when Jesus’ invitation is right there! WAKE UP! OPEN UP YOUR EYES! Take the gift! Accept the invitation! Start living!


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One Response to Slumber

  1. garymodine says:

    great post. awesome reminder to get active!

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