98% Excited 2% Scared…

It may be also that I’m 98% scared and 2% excited but there’s hardly a difference… I’m getting the final stuff (packing, buying junk, praying, spending time with my fam) done for my trip to India with my Pastor, mentor, friend, Landon Schott. After a conversation with my wife I realized why I’m going on this trip… To serve Landon.

I realized it’s not about the trip, the experience, me, or anything else I first thought. It’s about serving him. You see as amazing of a man as he is, he just, and by just I mean his daughter is about 4 months old, became a daddy. He has no idea that his heart is about to ripped from his chest and trampled on by emotions. He doesn’t, I do, I’ve been there before. I’ve spent 16 days away from my wife and son before. I know it’s not going to be easy for me to do it again but it will be easier on me than him.

He will be speaking 10 times in 5 days during this time, I’m not. He has the responsibility of vision casting to 10s of thousands of youth pastors to start 800 youth churches in India, I don’t. All I have to do is serve… I can’t wait.


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2 Responses to 98% Excited 2% Scared…

  1. garymodine says:

    Landon is blessed to have you alongside.

    Having had grueling speaking schedules in the past….I would often neglect myself in order to prepare for the next message or have extended conversations with people who need help… because we are so focused on the people, we don’t know what to ask for. Asking “how can I help you?” may earn you a blank stare at times. You may need to simply take initiative and suggest things that you could do for him. Even if it means bringing him food or taking on a side meeting so he can focus…do it with confidence. You are highly capable.

    Use your ministry gifts to take on vital ministry that would be “off mission” for him yet still needed. Absorb and protect him from as much “sideways energy” as you can… to keep him “on mission.”

    We all need someone like you with us when we travel. Have an awesome time. Keep us updated when you can. Praying for you bro…

  2. robbpaul says:

    Wow… I am way humbled by this comment… Thank you Pastor Gary!

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