Confidence vs. Ego

Life isn’t perfect. I hate that.

I want things to work out the way they should in a perfect world but they don’t. I hate that.

People aren’t perfect. I love that.

Because people aren’t perfect I get to grow. I get to learn. I get to serve. I get to lead.

Ok now to the title… Confidence stands in the gap and fights head on. Ego hides in the shadows and then sucker punches.

Confidence doesn’t start fights and might not win them but always does the right thing. Ego looks for easy fights to win so it can appear the hero.

Confidence boosts people up on it’s shoulders. Ego pushes people down and stands on their shoulders.

Confidence does not voice it’s opinion when it’s not asked. Ego throws it’s option around like it’s the gospel.

I pray for confidence.

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2 Responses to Confidence vs. Ego

  1. garymodine says:

    great post bro. phenomenal perspective on who stands upon who’s shoulders. i pray that i will always be the guy who puts people on my shoulders..

  2. “Ego hides in the shadows and then sucker punches.” So true. Great post. Glad I found it.

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