39 hours

Wow. I can’t begin to describe all the emotions and mind blowing things I saw during this trip. It took us 39 hours from the door of Landon’s house to the door of the House of Hope.

Humor: 5 people and 2 water jugs on 1 scooter. We had to get on a bus to drive to our plane at this small airport in Mumbai, it probably drove a quarter mile down around and back ending up 20 feet from the door we walked out of. I also found the the 2.5 hour drive from the airport to Itarsi humorous, the bigger car had priority. It was like a never ending game of chicken.

Frustration: being in a country where English is not the first language. Having people dislike you because you are American. Not understanding the people who do speak English because their accent is so thick.

Sadness: trash everywhere. Naked babies playing in the trash. Extreme poverty, beyond anything I have ever seen. The worst neighborhoods in Phoenix, Yakima, Detroit, Mexico do not hold a candle to way of life that is the normal here.

Happiness: in hope. In the House of Hope and what they are doing for the orphans and children who nothing by worldly standards but are being given everything by being pointed to love of Jesus Christ. In Dr. Matthew Thomas who runs the house of hope and has planted thousands like it across India.

More to come soon! With pictures!

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