Odd moments

I feel slightly stuck. I can’t go outside our house because it’s too dangerous. There have been people associated with the group we are with beaten as they were working on the property. At first I found it a little scary but then inspiring to know that others cultures still have to live out their faith in secret to protect themselves and their families.

Today three pastors were confirmed and sent out to plant churches in other parts of India. It was amazing to see their devotion and obedience to God.

While here I have been drinking a ton of water so naturally I had to use the restroom. The horse stalls at the fair are cleaner and smell better than the public restroom here. And to cap the experience off three Indian teens wanted to take a picture with me and waited behind me as I relieved myself… Oh yeah and then we took the pictures in front of the urinal.


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One Response to Odd moments

  1. robbpaul says:

    This is awesome!! Made me smile đŸ™‚ Miss you love!

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