War Zone

Last night was phenomenal. The passion and desire these young people have for their savior is unbelievable. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen. I have been a “Christian” for a long time and I have had some unpleasant things happen because of my faith but the people here get beat up on the way to church. They are killed because of their faith, their families have to flee because of their faith. They are literally persecuted daily because of their faith… and we are encouraging them to go share it. And they are!

Landon’s preaching is unreal. This is a completely different level. He told me that he prepared 20 hours for last nights sermon… I was with him, it was more like 25 – 30. It was the best sermon I have ever heard. The holy spirit so thick around right now. I’m following him every where… He probably thinks its weird but I am drawn the the spirit on his life.

Last night was also the equivalent to our Christmas for Muslims and they decided to celebrate by throwing concussion fire crackers and I’m not talking about m-80s I’m talking about m-300s and m-500s (1/3 and 1/2 sticks of dynamite) at the building we were in. Many of them shook the building. It was crazy but it didnt matter because the Holy Spirit was moving.

More to come…

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