Major changes

I’m back in the USA! Sort of… I’m in Detroit. It’s like a different country but they are calling my flight domestic… I’ll be in Phoenix tonight and in Yakima late Sunday night.

Man let me just tell you, the devil effed up… BIG TIME! He tried to steal my joy while I went to India to serve Landon and Dr Thomas. A little secret… Don’t ever, EVER, try to screw with someone’s life when they are going to hear Landon preach 10 times in 5 days… Especially in the mission field.

Pastor Mark Cowart called my predicament “divine intervention” and he told me he was very excited for me and what comes next. Honestly me too! I know what I’m supposed to do now. I have found my purpose (more to come later on what that is).

I am so happily discontent with life right now! (meaning I’m full of joy but always wanting more)

I have turned the corner.

I’ve got it nailed down.

I’m leaping inside.

It’s not what my flesh wants, it’s the opposite actually.

It’s not what my ego wants.

It’s what God wants.

I see it so clear.

It makes my heart leap.

It’s something I’ve always wanted but never gave light to because I always thought it was a pipe dream… NOW it’s a God dream.

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