So I left my iPad with this typed up on the plane… A couple days late but worth the read.

I’m coming home…my heart leaps in anticipation to see my bride and my boy. Even as I write that last line I’m reminded that Jesus feels the same about us! His heart leaps withe expectancy for His bride. Beautiful. I can’t wait to throw a football with my boy in the crisp cold air of the northwest as winter is setting in. But I also can’t help reflecting on my trip. It was priceless.

I went on the trip to serve Landon but I quickly became the conference photographer and was honored to do so. God gave me a vision of a view through a camera lense… More to come :).

I’m going step out on a limb here and say that you can’t really appreciate YOUR world until see and serve somewhere else in the world. It’s not merely extraordinary, it’s life changing. How can these people live like this and worship longer and more passionately than me!?!? How can the average incom in Itarsi, India be only $47 per month and joy radiates from them like they just won the Super Bowl… If I get frustrated about my income I just increase my production, they can’t, they don’t have the opportunity. Not in Itarsi.

On Sunday, I get up at about 7 take a shower, get myself and my family ready for church, hit the remote start on my car so my seat heaters are good and warm by the time I sit my bum on them and then take a smooth climate controlled drive 5 minutes to church. They walk. Miles. My biggest thought after a pleasant 1.25 hour church service is “Where do I want Sunday lunch?” They’re thought after a 4-5 hour holy ghost filled church service, “Will I get beat up or killed as I walk miles back home?” YOUR. LIFE. MY. LIFE. IS. NOT. HARD.

I know that cliche, I know every missions person says it to you as you sit in your mauve colored pew at church and you role your eyes. I’ve done it! Never again, they’ll get an AMEN from me.

Today in church I heard God speak to me, He said, “You don’t take away the darkness, you add light!” I think today in the church too many people try to just deal with the sin instead of infusing the Light of Jesus into our lives. I think of Dr Matthew Thomas and what he has done in Itarsi, he invoked the light of Christ into the total darkness and oppression of the Hindu and Muslim cultures. If you are in a place so absolutely void of light you can’t see the hand in front of your face and then turn a light so bright it lights ever corner of space, this is what Christ does. Just as you would be in a complete shock from the light, it sends Satan reeling. Man I’d give my worldly sight to see the eternal world when that happens. BAM!

The first night Landon spoke on the Birth of a Nation in a Day. The second night Landon let the power of God move through him in a manifestation of the prophetic like nothing I have ever seen before. The third night he ministered and Dr Thomas prayed for people who had or were contemplating suicide, more than 60 people came forward, mostly women. The fourth night he introduced many people to the Holy Spirit in a new way, many spoke in a personal prayer language with God for the first time, others were gifted with prophecy and other spiritual gifts. Incredible. God is not only good, He’s unfathomably great.

I made many new friends in the CFAN team that was there from Colorado and gained a couple of new spiritual mentors in Pastor Mark and Dr Thomas. Kayla Colorado, Kayla Montana, Dallas, David, Johnny, Wesley, Victoria and Josh, thank you for serving alongside myself and Landon. You were blessing and will become lifelong friends. I can’t wait to see you next year!!!

On that subject, Dr Thomas asked Landon to return next year to do the youth conference again! I was so excited! He also asked me to return with him and photograph the event again. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t do anything. I was a photographer and a traveling companion to Landon. I was humbled that he thought enough of me to want me to come back. He also told me next year he would take me and give me a tour of the Taj Mahal! Done. I am going to try and bring Jenn with me if I can get Dr Thomas’ blessing to do so.

Wow I have rambled. I’m done. Watch this blog for more snippets of the revelation and vision God gave me while I was there. I’m dieing to share it with you but can’t in full yet as other things must come to pass first. I love you for reading this.


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