Changes Coming!


Man, I’m so tired of making a decision and then having other people be in charge of seeing that decision through. I o.k. if it’s God because He will always do what’s right, but other people, nope get off my island, I’m done with battling you for leadership. It’s my life!

The morning after I landed in Phoenix on my way to India I received what Pastor Mark Cowart referred to as Divine Interruption. Nobody died or got cancer or anything like that but emotionally and relationally something had erupted. Not a small, we’ll-get-over-it-in-a-few-days eruption, but a beat-you-in-the-alley-and-leave-you-for-dead kind of eruption.

My initial reaction was anger. I was beyond angry. I wanted to strangle the person. What had been done was total cowardice. My wife had to deal with it alone as I would be gone for the next 14 days 10,000 miles from home. But God was in control. God placed an army of friends and family around my wife. God placed huge spiritual leaders and pastors around mine. God was in control.

Divine Interruption. Pastor Mark told me he was excited for me. He told my life was about to change and that I needed to give this situation to God and He supply all my needs. I am so thankful for men of God.

Earlier that week Landon did a teaching session on how to hear from God. I started seeking God’s voice right away. I heard nothing. I kept seeking, nothing I even saw complete darkness or blackness. Then there was a box in the blackness but it was blurry. I was frustrated. God brought me to Yakima, of that I am certain. So why this? Why I am second guessing where I am in life? Why is God being so unclear on where He is leading me? Why do I feel confused.

I was taking some photos for Pastor Mark and his team on the roof of the medical clinic that Dr Matthew Thomas just built. They wanted a group shot. I put my camera up to my eye and the view was blurry. I changed the focus and everything became clear (there’s a sermon in that). Not the people who I was taking the picture of, although they became clear too but my vision from God became clear. This is what I am supposed to do.

Boom. Instant download from God. I supposed be a Photojournalist highlighting people and places serving God and people. I am supposed to tell people’s stories and statements on life through my lens. I am supposed to be a portrait photographer.

I still remember my first time using a real camera, not a point and shoot, 1 hour develop at Walgreens but a real 35mm SLR camera. The composition, the light, the bracketing, the sound of a film camera with high quality Black & White film, 400 ISO. I was hooked. Now it will become life.

I’m screaming like a child inside! Thanks for reading!


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