Dreamers, Visionaries and Creators…

I read the greatest blog by Jon Acuff called, Dream Backward to Move Forward. It is so fantastic! Once you’re done here go read it!

My heart right now is bursting with the desire to create. I’m overwhelmed by the things I am hearing from God. The amazing thing is all I had to do was tell Him I was willing to work and ask Him to speak because I was listening. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laid awake listening and receiving.

The latest word from god and the one I am mos excited about is probably the most simple one I’ve received. The way I here from God is a combination of visions and my own voice audibly inside my head. I saw a group of people and a big whiteboard and I heard, “Get people to create.”

I’m SO EXCITED about this! I love whiteboards! Whiteboards bring hope. They bring clarity and fresh ideas. I know, you’re asking yourself, how? When you set up the whiteboard and grab the marker, pull off the cap, smell that dry erase marker smell and start to draw out an idea it takes an I-can’t-possibly-do-this dream and makes it believable. Seeing is believing. Really, you don’t think so? Why did Jesus perform miracles? Why do tons of people come to Christ amidst tragedy? People will become what they see. Blind faith is extremely rare.

I had a meeting with my Pastor today and told him about the idea. He was ecstatic! He loves whiteboards as well and owns URLs on that premise that he didn’t know what to do with but he just felt he should buy them. God’s incredible, amazing, overwhelming and overpoweringly great.

So here’s the idea: Get your dreamers, visionaries and creators together, get a whiteboard and create! There’s no dream to silly, too big, too off the wall, if it can effect your church, your community, your city, your state, your country, your world, get it on that whiteboard and just start creating it and making it happen. You have to start, you have to do. Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen.

“History is going to be good to me, for I intend to write it.” -Winston Churchill

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