Pushing Past Distractions

Distractions are a funny thing. They take many forms. Some forms are good and some are downright evil.

I’m distracted. It’s frustrating.

I want to take an idea and run but my brain can’t seem to focus.

You know when I’m most distracted? When I try and read my Bible. It’s awful! If I try to do it in the morning I think about all the things I have to do that day. If I try and read at night I think about all the things that happened that day. Distractions.

This idea is huge, it’s a major thing that involves great people and great influence on a generation. But I can’t focus. I’m distracted.

Usually when I write, which I love to do, I write because I’m inspired. Not necessarily always in a positive way. But inspiration creates great writing. It flows from me like I’m not even the one writing. I hardly realize the words that are flowing until I read what I write. I usually tear up when this happens because the words that are there usually impact me more than anyone else.

To push past distractions and to have pure focus you need to be inspired. What inspires you? What brings you to a place of complete focus?

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