I’m sitting at my desk, at my office, completely overwhelmed.

God is GREAT.

His plan is beyond comprehension.

Yesterday I had a rough day. Today I am elated!

I went to India as an alternate. My friends, Landon and Heather Schott had a baby so Heather couldn’t make the trip with him. I stepped in.

I took a cheap crop-frame DSLR with one lens (it was a decent lens) halfway around the world and God showed me my future.

I came home with direction and purpose. I sent an article idea to 18 publications. RejectApathy.com published it.

I’m not sure if you understand the significance. Most photojournalists have tens of thousands of dollars worth of photography equipment. My equipment totals less than $1000. Most photojournalists write more than 10 articles and send them to hundreds of publications to get one published when starting out. I pitched an idea, no article, to 18 publications. Most photojournalists take countless rejections or “maybe when your writing improves.” Reject Apathy published my FIRST DRAFT. Most photojournalists have a degree in journalism or publication or communication or just a degree in something. I never stepped foot in a college classroom of any kind.

God did this. There’s no way I could have orchestrated any of it. Things just fell into place.

I’m overwhelmed by His grace, by His mercy, by His blessings.

Here’s the link!

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