Mountain Peaks

This morning I had an early appointment. As I drove back into town I noticed how clear the sky was and then I saw her… Mt. Adams. She’s so majestic so beautiful.

They call the area where I live the Yakima Valley. Like most valleys it’s actually more of a basin but regardless it’s the lowest point in the region. From our “valley” we stare up at these giant mountains, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainer.

Life is like this.

We look from our current situation at distant mountain peaks that we long to conquer.

Most of us look at them like we look at our dreams, pretty but unattainable.

We hear stories of men who have conquered them but we say, that’s awesome for them but I’m not into that.

We read stories about a fifteen year old boy who has climbed the highest peak on all seven continents including Antarctica, the coldest and most inhospitable place on Earth and we think, I’m so glad he’s living his dream, but are we.

We are comfortable in our valley.

We are safe in our valley.

The climate is temperate in our valley.

We don’t really have prepare for day to day life in our valley.

We can coast.

We can put it in cruise control.

But we obtain nothing.

We risk nothing.

We live and we die, average.

I am going to take a mountaineering class this spring. I am no longer going to call the valley my home. My home is among the mountain peaks. My home is among the strife and the toil and the struggle. I will prepare for the climb. I will learn to embrace the pain. I will achieve my dreams.

Will you?

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