Why won’t the words come?

I’m sitting here trying to write. I LOVE to write, so why won’t the words come?

Now even as I’m writing about not being able to write there’s passion in that.

Sometimes, we know that we should be doing something. We know we should be moving forward. We know we should be breaking through brick walls like a juggernaut. But we are not doing any of those things. We sit, like frozen marionettes waiting to be wound up. We lack passion.

Passion is what drives the vision.

So why do we lack passion? Why don’t we have a constant drip of passion from some seemingly missing gland that should be located near our hearts?

Passion is emotional.

Think about it. When do people start organizations? Churches? Ministries? Businesses? When do people get called to be pastors? Missionaries? Philanthropists? Business owners? When do ideas come?

Most of the time, it’s because we are emotionally charged. Something amazing happened, something tragic, something that fired us up, something that tore us down.

I look to surround myself with passionate people because passion also breeds passion.

Now as I’m writing I’m excited! I’m charged up! I can’t wait for all that’s coming!

I’m announcing a new business venture!

i am. Yakima


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