What is Relevant?

I’ve been thinking A LOT about what is relevant and who it is relevant to?

I’ve been talking to pastors and my wife, about how to draw people in, about how to attract people.

In the church arena the “Attractional Church” is almost sneered at like the biblical definition of dirty rags. Funny thing is, we all try to attract additional members/attendees.

My wife and I have been thinking a lot about the Young Adults Ministry our church is about birth and about how to reach out and draw people in. We were talking about maybe a low rider show or something attractional to our city and then having a service afterward. She (my wife) asked me, “How do we get people to come into the service after the show?”

Wow. I don’t know. How do we? How do you get people in the doors of your church.

I thought about it. I thought about it A LOT. The answer was so simple.

I know you have heard the old churchy adage, “Love God, Love People.” At least 50% of the churches I have been to in my life have had that on their wall or in their bulletin. But that’s it. LOVE PEOPLE.

You want to know what’s relevant to a person no matter what the age, race, social status, creed etc? It’s that you LOVE THEM unconditionally. You love them just because they exist.

How do you do that? You don’t know them, they could be a criminal for all you know. Jesus did know. He knew the man next to him on the cross was a criminal. HE LOVED HIM ANYWAY. HE GAVE HIM GRACE. HE DIED FOR HIM.

I have a skill. It’s not something I was born with. Definitely not. It’s something I have learned and honed over many years. I can get almost anyone to instantly like me and I can add value to anyone I meet even in a conversation that only lasts a few minutes. I’m not bragging. I hope you learn from this. Here’s the key: Talk about them more than you talk about yourself, compliment them on what they say and compliment them to someone else so they can hear you.

If you do 2 out of 3 of those things in every conversation you have with someone new you will attract them to you like a bug zapper attracts a mosquito.

Showing genuine interest in someone is showing them love.

SO, what brings people in, how do we get more people in the doors? We love people. We show genuine interest in who they are.

Friendship first, salvation second.


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