I love my generation. It’s filled with some of the most brilliant and creative minds the world has ever seen. I believe that a new renaissance will be birthed from my generation, if…

There is one big problem with my generation. They are tired of waiting. The older generation is ready to give up control to us so they try to keep us waiting. My generations answer is to circumvent them and do things their own way and not care what the older generation thinks. Look at the amount church splits you see that follow generational lines or the increasingly popular ‘young adult oriented’ churches that are springing up and growing like crazy. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad to see growing churches but…

They are all missing the most important thing any one person can have in their life. Mentorship.

Without mentorship their will be no creative renaissance because my generation won’t ever make it past their failures. Young adult oriented churches that say, “You don’t like the loud music? There’s a place for you down the street,” will split or worse, fail due to simple human errors.

To my generation: GET THIS NOW. Go find a mentor. Ask them about EVERY MAJOR DECISION IN LIFE. This is not a request, it is 100% biblical. Making decisions on your own is stupid. Read Proverbs.

Older generation: Understand that we want to have a say in this world and we aren’t just dumb kids. This is also not a request, it is also 100% biblical. Seek out youth and young adults and mentor them. Mold them, show them they have value and worth. Direct their ideas down a path that is pleasing unto God. SOW INTO THEM.

If both generations understand this we can and will shape the world into a better place.

I’m writing an eBook and diving into this topic further. I hope you enjoy it!

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