This morning I pulled up my “Faces of India” album and started going through the photos. I closed my eyes and pictured the scene, where I was, the smells, the sounds, the people. I was and am still so blessed to have taken that trip.

I came across this shot and remembered this woman, such joy, a face that tells too many stories to have time to listen to. We met her across from the Assemblies of God Church in Itarsi, India. As our group walked up, she waved at us and smiled. It was a smile that goes beyond language barriers, it was welcoming she warmed our hearts instantly.

Funny though, I doubt she had ever been that much attention by a group of people in her entire life. In India, women are second to men. They aren’t valued or cherished. Their value is equated in monetary form. Many women are sold to their husbands by their fathers, especially in small towns.

On this day, this woman was valued simply for her beauty and her smile. She radiated joy and peace. In a city where we had to have guards just to walk around, she showed us warmth and love. We took photographs and told her she was beautiful (through a translator). She gave us so much. But I think we gave her more. We showed her love, a love that goes beyond class, or worth, or anything the world has to offer. A love that we have because we have Christ. I pray that the seed we planted is enough to get her across the street into the church and into Christ’s arms.


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