So as I was in the shower last night God reminded me of something He already spoke to me.

A couple weeks ago I was in the shower and I heard a siren. It was probably the 4th siren I had heard that night. I thought, “Welcome to Yakima.”

Immediately the Spirit rebuked me and said, “This is not Yakima. You should not think that way.”

I repented in urgency. You see this is God’s city. He owns it. He called it into existence like the rest of the world. His presence is here we just have to open our hearts to it.

Years ago, I would ask people a question before getting into any dealings with them:

“If you were a shoe salesperson and you moved to an island of 10,000 people and none of the wore shoes what would you do?”

The answer I was looking for was:

“Call my manufacturer and tell them to ramp up production! This is an open market!”

It’s the same thing with Yakima. Sure there are churches and sure, there are Christians but, the rest of the state of WA and any national news about Yakima is usually bad.

But that’s NOT what God intended.

Towns, Cities, States, Countries and Worlds go bad because of man, because of sin. But in a darkened city, a city like Yakima the smallest of lights beams like a bright torch.

In the bible, when a small insignificant farm town was used to God’s glory, a King was born. His name was Jesus.

I’m calling you out. If you are in Yakima God has you here for His purpose. We are about to shake the state and the nation from a sleepy little farm town that is known for drugs and teenage pregnancy. That is not the status quo. God is the Status Quo. This is our Nineveh.

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