A Movement.

YEAH!! KONY 2012!!!


One Campaign!!! YAY!!!


Any other ridiculous Hollywood promoted “movement” YIPPEE!!


These aren’t movements! These are dumb awareness campaigns so you buy t-shirts and wristbands.

You know what a real Movement would be? Tithing.

WHAT?!?! Yeah, tithing! And giving offerings to the local church or other ministries.

Your local church does 10 times the amount work in Africa through the missionaries they support than any of these so called awareness campaigns.

But giving your tithes and offerings isn’t cool. There’s no rad 5 min video to get emotional about. There’s no celebrities endorsing it publicly. It’s not hip, it’s not fresh.

NO it’s not hip or fresh! It’s something that has been around yesterday, today and forever just like the God we serve!

The first offering in the Bible is Cain and Able. Cain brought stuff he had lying around. God rejected it. Able brought his best, God was pleased.

Do you bring God your best? Or do you bring Him whatever’s left after you spent money on that KONY t-shirt and those signs you had made to put around your block?

God is and has always been faithful to you. He gave you the gifts talents and abilities you have so you can produce. First for His glory and then for your needs. If you keep it in that order the Bible says He will bless you beyond what you can think or imagine. If you get it out of order then He won’t bless you, He rejects it. Don’t get me wrong the church can and will still use the money but YOU will miss the blessing of giving.

So let’s start a movement. Let’s be givers! Let’s tithe and give offerings! Let’s do what God has called us to do and support missionaries around the world!


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