Oh man, I just heard a great word and as usual I’m going steal it and change it a bit because I think it can be applied to my favorite subject: Mentorship.

Dawnchere Wilkerson was preaching in the Part 1 of her and Richie’s series called Friends With Benefits. You can find that series here.

She said that most people treat relationships like a game of hangman, they keep guessing until they die, or live but more likely die.

My thought process of course took this straight to mentorship and specifically to the Thomas Edison thought I keep repeating. Which is, there may be a million ways to fail but only one way to succeed.

In the same way with the Hangman analogy, we can go through life trying to guess at the paths we should take and we might just make it but, and more likely, we probably won’t. It will probably lead to death. If we however, decide to take mentorship from those who have gone before us they will point us in the right direction, towards that narrow path that most of us miss in the constant dancing back and forth.

As I have said and will continue to say, there may be a million way to fail but only one way to succeed. Don’t go through life trying guess what comes next like you are playing Hangman. Get a mentor and get shown the right path.

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