The Great Purge.

Great view, yeah? This is the view from our new place. We moved!

The process of moving is like many of life’s processes. They suck in the middle. You literally hate the process. But the results can be spectacular!

The other part about moving is what I wanted to write about though. We were just moving a few miles from where we used to live so we made the move in multiple trips. The first trip was major furniture, the second was all the stuff we needed to get through the night and the third trip was mostly kitchen stuff. We’re done right?!?


Now comes the baggage. The stuff we keep thinking we will need/use it someday.

Isn’t this just like our lives?

It’s funny how we can get our lives changed by Jesus or serve Him continually but we still hold onto that baggage. That extra junk that weighs us down.

My Grandpa used to run a boys ranch outside of Boise, Idaho back in the early 70’s. For the most of you who don’t know what that is, back several decades ago when boys got in trouble with drugs or alcohol or pretty much anything that would be considered minor or their parents just couldn’t handle their bad behavior anymore they would get shipped to my Grandpa’s ranch or places like it.

They would learn hard work, respect, they took mentorship from my Grandpa. One thing he always used to tell the boys as they got ready to leave is “There’s one way to make sure you won’t be back here, get new friends, don’t look up the old ones when you get home.”

In today’s modern social media days that’s nearly impossible with Facebook and twitter and all the other sites trying to get away from bad relationships can be extremely difficult. How many times have we seen people get right with God but they can’t cut their ties with friends and are back doing that same junk they were doing before.

I purge Facebook frequently. I don’t allow people to take up mind space and not pay rent. Meaning if you’re going to be my friend then I need to get something from you. That may have a negative tone but isn’t that what a relationship is? The exchange of something between people? I hope I give you something, I hope you have a take away from me.

Do you have any baggage? Do you keep a bunch of crap around that you need to get rid of? Are you hanging on to relationships that are dragging you down or just taking up space and not paying rent?


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