Tattoos, Booz, the ‘F’ word and Jesus

It’s been awhile. I’m rusty. But here it goes…

Earlier today I read a blog post by Craig Gross from about the new P.O.D. album. Craig wrote about how powerful the words were (see the link to his blog), especially to the younger generations. He did mention, however, that the song had the ‘F’ word in it and that the “religious folks [were] up in arms that Sonny said the ‘F’ word.”

This hit me. Hard.

I think this is generational gap that most people get caught up on. Mark Driscoll wrote a great blog entitled The Guys Behind the Camera back on May 3rd, highlighting the guys who did the photography and video for the Mars Hill Church which Mark pastors.

He talked about how they are tattooed, they smoke, but they love Jesus and they are passionate about seeing others find and follow Him.

So, Back to the generation gap. Are we, those who have been raised in church since birth or you the older generation turning into the pharisees that Jesus Himself put to shame??

I’m not saying that sinning is OK. It’s not. As a converted follower of Jesus we should strive to be free from all sin, everyday. But tattoos, booz and the ‘F’ word are what the Christian legalistic types tell us are sins but can’t show us those in the Bible.

After Jesus died, rose again and ascended into heaven the disciples went out to ‘Make disciples in all nations’ as Jesus commissioned them. He didn’t say as he ascended “Make sure that when they get saved, before they share My love with others, they take off their hoodies and jeans, put on khakis and a polo (tucked in) with a matching brown belt and shoes, part their hair to the right and hold theirs hands loosely folded in front of them. They can’t smoke, drink beer and if they have tattoos just throw them in the church basement and lock the door. Only if they meet all these requirements, then they can share My love with others.”

Yeah this is pretty much a Legalism vs. Love blog post and frankly, LOVE WINS.

Jesus wants the hurting, the broken, the tattooed, the homosexual, the drunk, the high, the sexual abused or abuser, the ragged, the tired, the thirsty, the hungry, the homeless, high society prick, the guy or gal that uses the ‘F’ word as a noun, adjective, verb and adverb all in one sentence. Jesus wasn’t just sent for the pretty, I have it all together, people. He was sent for everyone. He was sent, died and rose again for you and for me.


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