This may sound vain but I believe it’s also human nature. NOTHING makes me feel more appreciated than when someone I respect introduces me to someone they respect. And I don’t mean in a large group setting, I mean one on one, face to face, when there is going to be a continuum of conversation after the introduction. 

You will hear this a lot from me, but LEADERSHIP IS INFLUENCE. And creating influence around you will help you raise your level of leadership. John Maxwell calls it, “The Law of the Lid.” When we put a lid on our influence we cannot expand our leadership capacity. 

One of the easiest ways to raise your influential lid is to genuinely make make others feel important. Introducing them to people that you respect or you see as a leader or mentor is an extremely easy way to do that. A couple keys when introducing people is to do so in a setting where conversation can take place. It’s does a person no good when they are quickly introduced to someone and then the person is gone or they are introduced to someone in a group setting. It basically is telling a person you are not worth a real introduction. 

If you do have a group of people introduce them one at a time, at separate times. This may be difficult but understand that it is better to lift a single person extremely high than to barely raise a group. A single person that has been intensely influenced can change the course of an organization while a group that has been barely lifted quickly settles back to where they were.

The most important part of leading people is the people you lead. 


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