Nope. Not the almost obsolete Hollywood campaign where they paid celebs big bucks to wear t-shirts and “create awareness” to petition the government to give more tax dollars to Africa for aids while not a dime they took in actually went to help Africa or any aids victims…

But the power of one. I think today in any situation we look at a body of people and think, “How could I change that? I’m not qualified to lead a small group, large group or any group.” Actually you are qualified. You were qualified since the beginning of time when God created man is His image to ‘Have Dominion’ over the earth, or to ‘Rule’ over the earth.

But if that’s too much for you right now, try this, if you can effect one person who can effect one person and so on you can change the world.

It’s so simple. Just look for one person. Ever.

I’m guessing once you find and effect that one person you’ll look for more but don’t think about that, just think about your one person, who they are, where you encounter them, how you can influence their life and then do it.

Just ONE. 


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