Michael Jordan still inspires.



My wife asked to write a blog on the topic, “There is NO winning without SACRIFICE.” 

I chewed on it for a few day. And then I found myself watching Michael Jordan’s top 50 plays. I remembered how good he was. It was incredible. 

Then I remembered this:

Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Bulls vs Jazz.

Michael Jordan had a completely debilitating case of the flu. He had spent over 24 hours in bed, eaten nothing, lost several pounds, was running a 102+ degree fever, shake, nausea, etc. He was told by the team doctor that he could not play that night. 

Team mates told him not to play but at 4:30pm he showed up at the Delta Center arena. Still extremely sick he suites up and plays. Not only does he play, he plays for 44 minutes and scores 38 points, not to mention the 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and 1 block.

Winning takes sacrifice.

Sometimes we look at people and think, “Man, they have it so together. They look good, smell good, have nice things. I wish I could get there too.”

The phrase, “I could never…” pisses me off more than anything. What you are really saying is, “I am unwilling to the the work to…”

Two nights back I wrote a business plan for a new business that my wife and I are starting. The first thing we did was write down our goal. What do we want out of the business? That’s the mountain that we are working towards.

The second thing we did was, working backwards from the goal, figure out what is was going to take to get there. We figured it out down to a daily goal we had to accomplish to make the larger goal a reality.

It will take time from our boys. It will mean we watch less TV at night and I will probably have to golf less (I am devastated by that last one). 

It will take sacrifice. Oh yeah, we will still be working 50 hours each a week at our jobs, cleaning our store 2 nights a week, working with REVtv and Leadership collective, doing odd photography jobs, and any number of other things. 



Because 10-20 years down the road when I have 5+ businesses that are run by others so I can dedicate my life to ministry without having to take a paycheck… It will be so worth it.

There is NO winning without SACRIFICE


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