Not yet King, David.

Aged 15. Missions trip to inner city Denver. More concerned about mackin’ on the girls basketball team that was staying at our hotel than what God was up to. But I received a word of prophecy from the pastor of the church we were at that I would be a “great leader of many people.”

Aged 28. I’m not. What?!? That prophecy was false! A lie! I’m going to go read my horoscope and get a fortune cookie.

Actually it wasn’t false or a lie. I should have said “I’m not, YET.”

I find this extremely frustrating at times, actually most of the time. I know what God has created me for and I put in A TON of work trying to position myself correctly to receive the fullness of my anointing but that’s not enough. God works in His time not in mine.

I raise my fists in the air and yell, “I’m ready God!” Then He slaps me with some reality of my messed up life and says back, “No, you are not.”

Today in our “I WANT IT NOW!” world many people receive their anointing but only reject it later because they are tired of waiting on God.

David was a boy, 12-15 years of age when Samuel anointed him the next King of Israel. He didn’t become the King until he was aged 30. At least 15 years went by from the time he was anointed until the time he was made King.

So what’s the point?

The point is you WERE anointed by God for a specific purpose. Just because you aren’t there yet doesn’t mean you didn’t receive the anointing, it just means it hasn’t happened YET.

I don’t know why! I’ve been asking God that question for 13 years. All I know is until the time comes that I walk in the fullness of my anointing I’m going to keep pushing myself to expand my influence, my leadership capabilities, my wisdom. I’m going to ask for mentorship from people that have no business spending their time with me. I’m going to continually seek God for His insights and make sure I listen for the answers.

What about you? Are starting to do things your own way because God hasn’t given you what you were anointed for? Did you even know you were anointed? Have you already rejected it and are going your own way?

Stand in your anointing. Receive it. Believe it. God will bring it to fruition.

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One Response to Not yet King, David.

  1. garymodine says:

    great post robb! totally my life right now! great truth here….

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