Walk AWAY From the Crowd.


That could have been my entire blog. There is more power in that single word than any other word or string of words. EVER. 

But I want to look at His ministry. The 3 years He spent being a fisher of men. He was the epitome of leadership. Why? Jesus walked away from the crowd. I don’t mean this figuratively, I mean it literally. 

Historian’s believe that as much as two of the three years Jesus spent in ministry Jesus was trying to get alone with His Father and pray. But the crowds wouldn’t leave him alone.

I know for me, I get caught up in how many twitter followers or FaceBook friends I have. I constantly look to see how many people read my blog. I chase the crowds. I try and look better so people will come follow me! LOOK! AT! ME!

Jesus did the opposite. Jesus didn’t care what society thought of Him. He cared what His Father thought of Him. He spent time with the throw aways, the trash, the people no one wanted. The people that mattered, the Pharisees, Sadducees and other noble people meant nothing to Jesus.

In today’s terms that means if Barak Obama called and wanted to have dinner with Jesus, He would have declined and instead eaten dinner with an ex-con fresh out of prison or the local prostitute on the corner.

Jesus was first a man of prayer, He was in constant conversation with His Father. At any chance He could He would get away to pray. Second, Jesus was gracious to the oppressed. By oppressed I mean both physically by others and spiritually. 

Jesus was a servant. Jesus walked away from the crowds.


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