I have felt something that creative writers truly hate, uninspired. 

AND THEN John Rich of Big and Rich, tweeted a persons plea for John Rich to follow him on twitter. John responded, “Where are you going?”

SMACK! Inspiration.

People follow people who know where they are going.

I know personally, and if you follow my journey you know this, I am called to be “A Great Leader of Men.” That was prophesied over me when I was 14 in Denver, Colorado on a missions trip. For so long I have personally desired to be that man! I know it’s what God has for me. But for so long I didn’t know where I was going. I was that guy who paddled out with all the other surfers but just bobbed along behind the break never actually catching a wave or that mountaineer who sits at base camp perpetually but never joins an expedition to summit the mountain.

Recently, I have talked and ideated with a great many people on their vision for their church or ministry or business or organization and this same message I sing out to all of them. 


Most people try and start something without a destination in mind. They think, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…” And then they try and start moving in that direction but without a destination in mind they get easily side tracked.

BUT if we start with the destination in mind and then WORK BACKWARDS from our goal we can turn our dream or vision into easily attainable steps AND as we move forward people will draw to us because we are focussed on where we are going.

Most people are like that mountaineer who hangs around but never joins an expedition, but that lone man who stares longingly at the summit and forms a plan to get there will draw a team to himself with surprising speed. 

Most people are like the surfer who hangs back never to catch a wave while the lone man who catches the first wave of the day sparks a movement for the rest of the surfers to catch their waves.

Don’t look for people to follow you. Know where you are going and start moving forward.


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