Before you step up to hit a golf ball you take practice swings. Those swings are to connect what you mentally know you should do to actually physically doing it.

I tend to close my eyes and focus on the feel. Slowly take the club away. Bend the wrists up but don’t hinge them. Straight left arm. Release the hips. Strike. Follow the ball with the club down the line. Pose. 

If I like the first swing’s feel I focus in further. Load. Unload. Load. Unload.

There is it. I found it. My swing. I can feel it in every part of me.

Then I step up to the ball and one of two things happen. I completely focus on the ball and nothing else and I hit a pure shot OR, more often then not, I let all those thoughts I had during my first practice swing back in and I miss-hit the ball. 


I’ve noticed lately that my mind seems cluttered. You can see it here first hand in my blog. I write about seemingly random things with no order and no structure.

First, let me apologize. It’s not that any of my posts were bad it’s that they didn’t go together. They were whatever thoughts I currently had cluttering my head. 

Second, know that from now on I am going to write about what God has really put on my heart to write about and only that.


Some of you may know that I am writing a book named unMentored.

I can’t wait to blog and then compile those blogs into my book. It’s actually killing me not to writing a blog on Mentorship right now. But I wanted to explain, apologize and maybe even help you with your mind clutter. 

Just Focus.

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