Why Mentorship?


I took my son fishing over fathers day weekend. As I was teaching him to fish I couldn’t help but reflect on when I was taught how to fish. 

Both of my Grandpas used to take me out on the lake to fish. They would click me into a life vest and crank up the motor and drive their boats over to their secret spots. My Grandpa Tom was a preacher. He never had much but he would always take the time to invest in others. Grandpa Gordon was an ex-fighter pilot and a small business owner. He was more the strong silent type. When he spoke wisdom poured out with every word.

I don’t remember catching any fish, I’m sure we did, I just remember the time. Both of my Grandpas spent time investing in me at a young age so when the time came that I had to make decisions that counted I would make the right ones or I would seek advice before making the decision. 

Remember playing catch with your dad or having a tea party with your mom? I can still smell the leather from my glove and the grass as I would dive for the ball. I still remember asking my dad to throw it high in the air so I “catch the pop fly.” He would seemingly throw it hundreds of feet into the air, it was so much higher when you were a kid, and I would run and hear ssshhhh-pop as it landed in my mitt. 

Mentorship is time. 

Because of the men in my life I have learned to ask older, wiser men when big life questions arise. 

I believe this is something that has been lost. I believe that a lot of young men and women decide just to jump and see what happens. They don’t seek the advice of older, wiser men and women. Many of my peers have either not been taught to seek advice or have been jaded by an over-judgemental and stuffy older generation.

On the flip side of this coin I think that a lot of older, wiser people who would’ve like to mentor others have had their advice thrown back in their face so many times they are fed up with the youth of our time and instead of handing off the baton they slam it on the ground and yell, “There it is! You figure out how to get it! If you won’t listen to me, do it on your own!”

So who’s wrong? Which generation is to blame? They both are. 

Over the next weeks, months or maybe even years, we are going to take a look at this issue and talk about how we can resolve it.

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