Defining a generation is quite possibly the hardest thing to do, but I’m going to do it twice. No apologies.

Today, Creatives. In a few days, Legalists.


Creatives are highly communicative, they take risks, they push boundaries, their goal is to solve problems, they are activists, they use art as their catalyst. THEY BRING VERY LITTLE THAT IS NEW.


Let me pose this:

Hippies are highly communicative, they take risks, they push boundaries, their goal is to solve problems, they are activists, they use art as their catalyst.


Seriously. The only difference is the lack of hallucinogenic drugs, sometimes.

I’m not saying that what they are doing is wrong, I actually like and agree with a lot of it. I think most of their tactics are incorrect but I still associate more with the Creative Generation than I do the Legalists.

I want to talk about Creative Christianity. The Culture of Grace.

Creatives Christians have tattoos, they drink beer and other stuff, they swear, they basically take a liberal view of the gray areas in the Bible. They also take a liberal view of some pretty black and white areas too. They hang their Christian hat on Grace but isn’t that wrong?

Creatives look at the legalists and tell them not to put God in a box. But isn’t that what they are doing too?

When adulterous woman was brought before Jesus, He said, “You who is without sin cast the first stone.” Creatives love this verse but they leave out the next part when Jesus looks at the adulterous women and says, “Now go and sin NO MORE.”

Creatives don’t like the second part because they like the areas where their gray crosses into the black excused. They like to say, “DON’T JUDGE ME!”

The problem is that the Creatives are guilty of Idolatry.

My good friend, Landon Schott says, “Real Idolatry is making Jesus whoever you want Him to be, whoever is convenient to you.”

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the Legalists in a few days too.

Isn’t that what Creatives do? Don’t they hang on to Grace to justify their sins? Don’t they (not all of them) accept homosexuality and leave out entire sections of scripture that say it is wrong?


Jesus said, “No one may see the Kingdom unless they are BORN AGAIN.”

Creatives have taken a staunch stand against Legalists. Legalists have taken a staunch stand against Creatives.

The ground between them has eroded.

What’s worse, nobody wants to build a bridge.

Except me.


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2 Responses to Creatives.

  1. filmingjustice says:

    i agree with most of this, full disclosure based on your definition i embrace many creative christian views. in your piece what is unsettling to me is that there is little scripture and theological reflection that gives depth to the position. you make it sound very simple, where it might be a little more complex. i wonder if there is another way of seeing it besides either or paradigm. either creative or legalism. either this or that.

    • robbpaul says:

      While not everyone is a hard liner in either group I believe that most Christians fall into one of these categories. For the purposes of this book I am pointing out the worst case scenario and then bringing it back in.

      As for the lack of scripture, the book will have considerably more however, the is a book written on opinion and observation.

      We are seeing a massive split in the church due to lack of mentorship, both giving and receiving.

      Keep reading. It will come together.

      Thanks for your comment!

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