This has been an interesting journey for me, this journey into mentorship. It has me looking at myself and evaluating my mentorship of my most important mentees, my sons.

Fatherhood is an interesting thing. Sometimes it’s amazing and other times it down right sucks. I’m not afraid to say that either. My sons, both of them since they were born have not been good sleepers, as in they woke or wake up multiple times per night. I have had less than 20 full nights of sleep in 5 years. My favorite part is when you tell someone this and they automatically think they’re a better parent because their kids slept through the night since they were 2 weeks old… and THROAT PUNCH.

Right now I have a 5 year old, Prince Henry, and an 8 month old, Prince William. And yes I refer to them as princes because that’s what they are. They have an inheritance coming that is second to none. I am going to introduce them to Jesus who will introduce them to His Father. The best part of fatherhood is watching and shaping who they become. Henry is a dreamer, much like myself, he literally runs laps in the house while he dreams up wild adventures. 

This weekend I am taking Henry on one such adventure. We are going to climb a waterfall. Since he was 2 he loved watching Bear Grylls out in the wild surviving. What’s cool is that these are things that I have always wanted to do but have never done myself. I get to experience risk and reward, danger, the element of the unknown and the wild with my son. There will be blood, sweat and tears for sure but we are going to conquer something together. 

William is going to be the life of the party. He is also going to be the, do it and worry about the consequences later, kid. SO… that should be fun. His personality is HUGE. While Henry would be content in the woods with a backpack and a dog, William feeds off other peoples energy. I see William as a motivator or preacher of some kind. I am excited to try to keep up with him. I started CrossFit a couple weeks ago so I will be in shape enough to only be a step or two behind him.

In Genesis when God created the Heavens and the Earth it says after everything He did, “And He saw that is was GOOD.” That word good is specific, notice later when Jesus was being baptized, God said, “This is My Son, in Whom I am WELL PLEASED.”  Jesus’ manifestation on Earth was God’s greatest creation. It was HIS SON.

As Fathers we have a GREAT responsibility. Our children, from the time they are born are our lifeblood. Nothing is more important. I was talking to my mentor about this and he told me that fatherhood always comes at an interesting time, when we are usually full force into our careers. That hit me big. One of my biggest frustrations is watching fathers dump their kids on their wives until the kids are 9, 10, 11, 12 and then expect to come sweeping in and be the hero in their kids lives. Most fathers who do this are rejected by their kids because they have no relationship. Quality time doesn’t start when your kids are in your pre-teens. It starts when your kids are babies.

Girls want to be swept up in adventure too. The best picture of this is probably the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Trilogy. Elizabeth Swan starts off by being kidnapped by pirates and her character evolves until she is literally leading the pirates into battle as “The Pirate King.” Even girlie girls want adventure, in every princess movie they watch there is always an adventure conflict the princesses are caught up in. They are always swept away by their prince or knight in shining amor. Dads, that’s supposed to be you. If it’s not, it will be the first boy that comes along and shows her “a little adventure.”

Fathers, Dads, be the hero’s of your kids story until they can be the hero/heroin of their own. Take them on adventures. Live dangerously. Saying that you’ll give everything up for your kids and actually doing it are different thing.

Also, a note for you who are not Fathers, become one to a young boy or girl (if it’s a girl make sure your wife is present at all times) take them on adventures, teach them to be a hero/heroin, tell them they are a prince/princess. Their life will be forever changed and so will theirs.


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