Be the Hero.


I love my boys. If you have read some of my blogs about them you know that Henry is very timid, doesn’t like loud noises and calculates all risk. Willie is balls to the walls, consequences be damned, flying around head first (literally, he runs head first, arms back) taking on anything.

William, in his risk taking is a lot like me. At 5 I climbed a tree onto a detached garage jumped the 2.5′ gap to the house to retrieve an airplane because my mom was getting ready and couldn’t help me right then. Later, when my parents tried to get me to repeat the feat, I could not because I broke every branch on the tree on the way up and down. My mom told me I gave my protective angels heart attacks.

Henry on the other hand is not like me. He’s ultra timid. He might think climbing the tree is cool but then he would encourage someone else to do it. He would barely get his feet off the ground before a million thoughts of doubt would rush into his head and he would yell, “I can’t! I can’t!” and jump down. As a dad I have an extremely tough time with this. Being honest, it’s very frustrating, to the point I get angry when he quits.

I have prayed about this for a long time… A long time…

I developed an idea, I’m really excited about it. I’m going to call it “Be the Hero” because let’s be honest, that’s what every boy wants to be, the hero. They watch adventure movies and then act them out as the hero of the story. They want to be strong, smart, daring, suave, slightly antagonistic and heroic.

I am going to talk to Henry about what a Hero is to him, we will them develop that person and shape that person over the years and when Henry is doubting or worrying about whatever I can remind him he can be like his Hero and help him overcome. Because I’m using his ideas on what a Hero is, he is more likely to push himself to be what he has pictured in his mind.

The part I’m really excited about is when I start this with Willie because Willie is a strong willed child. I want absolutely no part in controlling that spirit but I want to help direct it down the appropriate paths. If and when Willie develops his Hero, part of the direction I will help him with is how that Hero would focus his spirit, harnessing it in the direction he wants to go in. That strong will, when directed and focussed, can lead to incredible results.

I can’t wait to see and share the results of this experiment. I will try and post successes and failures to see where this goes.

Be the Hero.


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